Pita Pizza Pockets and Potter


Say it 3 times fast; pita pizza pocket!  One of Ara’s all time bento favorites is the pita pocket pizza.  We also have some huge blueberries and cutie oranges from Sunflower this week!  Good stuff, especially for the family that can’t seem to shake off this flu bug, or whatever we have.  I don’t care how many oranges and blueberries I have to eat, I will do it if it will make me feel normal again!  I’ve been googling all the weird morphing symptoms I have been suffering from for the last 2 weeks.  Internet medical information in my hands is pretty much a terrible idea.  I guess there is a reason Doctors need 8 years of schooling to diagnose a sickness, right?  Ara’s missed a couple days of school, Alex stayed home from work, and I… keep going no matter how crappy I feel.  I can’t feel too sorry for myself though, I’ve gotten a few days of rest thanks to my Mom taking Ara in the afternoon to do crafts and my Dad picked her up from school one day last week. 

I played flute today for the first time since I wrote the post about playing flute more… I’m awesome (insert sarcasm here).  I enjoyed myself though.  I was perched on the deck in the afternoon sunlight playing music that makes me happy. 

Alex surprised me with an early Valentines Day present tonight, the soundtrack to The Deathly Hallows Part 1.  The music composed by Alexandre Desplat was played by the London Symphony Orchestra, which is epic.  If you have a chance, definitely listen to a couple tracks.  My favorites are 1)Oblivate, 2) Farewell to Dobby, and 3) Hermione’s Parents.  Part 1 of the movie was great in my opinion.  I thought the actors were more ‘into’ their characters than ever before, although I supposed that could just be a maturing of their skill. I also loved the feel of the movie, so much more raw.  I loved this book because it was the first time that they could use magic freely and the friendships of children grow into something stronger and that came through in the movie.  The music made the movie though, without it, it wouldn’t have the power to draw you in.  I can’t decide between the first movie or this one for my absolute favorite though.. I love them both!  I can’t wait to see it again Smile with tongue out!  Hurray for Harry Potter!

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