Bento for a Sweetie


I was in a rush to make this bento for Valentines day because we were heading out the door to surprise Ara with a day trip to the mountain.  I made heart shaped tortilla/peanut/pumpkin butter sandwiches and stacked them under a heart shaped fruit leather.  On top of the sandwich stack I added pineapple hearts.  The whole thing is surrounded by orange wedges, carrot starts, and fruit leather words. 




IMG_2632Our day was really wonderful.  Alex took a vacation day so we planned a day to treat our tiniest Valentine girl to a day of family fun.  She woke up to a surprise tin of candy, homemade card, and her Daddy added a tiny stuffed cat toy.  We both took her to school and then had our V-Day breakfast together which was really nice.  We went to the Good Egg and considering it was the day of eating out we had very little waiting.  That’s the way to do it!  After breakfast… we took a short nap!  We’re all still walking-sick.  Then we picked Ara up from school and drove up the mountain!  It was the perfect weather to bask in the sunlight on a giant boulder while listening to the wind whisper through the trees.  Ara practiced climbing the rocky path of a dry river bed and found treasures in the sand.  There were small patches of snow left in shady places and that thrilled our little desert girl! 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful celebrating loved ones! 

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