Chicken Bento


Breaded chicken tender from dinner last night, oranges, and apples.  I made this for Ara today but then my Dad called and said he wanted to pick her up from school, so now she has a Saturday bento! 

We’re all starting to feel better.  I felt up to cleaning the house yesterday, and it was a JOB.  After being sick for 2 weeks, boy was it a mess!  But today, the house is clean, Ara is at my Dad’s, my student is coming early, and I’m feeling non-sick!  Woo Hoo!  What a Friday!  My plans?  A nap!  Haha.  I don’t feel sick but I have that weak post-sick feeling.  So I plan to drink a lot of water and rest.  I’m wild! 


One thing I did accomplish today was… my bento station!  I’ve been dreaming about having all my bento things together and easy to find since we knew we were moving.  My last kitchen had TWO drawers.  So my ‘system’ involved plastic bags and cramming anything anywhere it would fit.  The new kitchen has plenty of storage space.. so much, that I was a loss for what to do!  This particular drawer was earmarked for bento goodies months ago but was still empty, until today.  I’ve always wanted my alphabet cutters to be organized.. sifting through a bag of them rarely leads to me finding the letter I wanted.  Sometimes I would settle for a different word just based on what was in the first handful!  The new system may need some tweaking though.  I have to open the drawer very slowly so as not to jiggle them around too much.  No matter, it’s better than a ziplock bag anyday. 

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