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I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon lately so I have quite a back log of bento photos to share! This one was another from Valentines week with a heart theme. Ww pita pizzas, berries and pineapples, carrots, and heart shaped gummies from Trader Joe’s (color free, of course).


This weekend I made cakes for my 10 year old nephew and my Brother’s Birthday parties. It’s a little pathetic to admit this, but I’m just now getting the hang of my oven!


Joe’s cake had to be ‘awesome’ because he was so sure I couldn’t make anything besides that. Such pressure! I racked my brain over what a 10 year old would think was cool that I could actually make. I landed on an Angry Bird cake. The only problem was that I still don’t own any natural coloring for icing. Last year I tried to color his cake with blue berry juice and it was a failure! So I cut myself a break and just bought a black tube, yellow tube, and I used some red icing spray paint that I’ve had for years. The cake and the buttercream I made from scratch and color free. I tried to justify the colors because at least the bulk of the cake was natural! I tend to stress about cakes and overestimate my abilities with complicated designs so my goal was ‘awesome but stress free’. Which this was, so I’m happy about it.


To create the red bird I made a template on paper and cut out the negative. After the icing had set-up, I laid the paper on top and sprayed the color on. This is basically aerosolized food coloring which is easier by far than mixing color into a batch of frosting and gave me a nice block of solid color. After this stage I was so relieved! Imagine if my template hadn’t worked and I had just turned the top of the cake blotchy red? The rest was easy, I outlined the shape in the black icing and filled in the beak with the yellow gel. Over all, a design simple enough for even a cake doofus like me!


The kids were sufficiently pleased and hopefully my nephew still thinks I’m a cake super hero!

My Brother’s cake was from the Joy of Cooking, the Lightning Torte with a light lemon flavor. I love this recipe and someday I’ll share it here.


It’s quick and easy and the light flavor barely needs any frosting to make it better. I love to frost it in whip cream. Right before I serve the cake I mix up some cream with a few teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and sugar. It’s so light and fluffy and just yum.


A few slices of lemon complete the picture of a perfect cake for a spring day and an awesome brother! Korbin thought it looked pretty ok anyway (picture above).

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