Single Barrel Aquaponic Update




A quick update. Despite the extreme heat, the plants in the growbed are impervious to my own forgetfulness with watering. The automatic watering and fertilizing alone is reason enough for me to grow with aquaponics. It seems like the system is finally settling into a nice groove. The plants are showing new growth and the seeds I dropped into the clay pellets are progressing nicely. I’m already seeing true leaves. I still worry that they aren’t getting enough direct sunlight, so we’ll see.


The seedlings are growing taller than I’ve seen before, I guess reaching for the sun.

IMG_2032 This bell pepper plant is an experiment. I pulled it out of soil and cleaned and cleaned and CLEANED the roots, for fear of introducing chemicals from the soil into my system. The plant itself is doing great, the problem is that it falls over all the time! The roots can’t seem to get a hold of the clay yet. I have it propped up with some wood planks, hoping it will eventually be able to stand up by itself.

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