And so it Begins… SUMMER!



“I want, I want!” 

My Mom picked us up to take us swimming with Joey yesterday.  Before we could go to her house I wanted to stop and look at life vests.  Ara’s vest from last year had a zipper malfunction (it baked in the sun in the back seat of the old car).  My Mom thought that a grocery store would have what I wanted and she could grab something for lunch.  So in we went and for some reason we started at the swimming toy area.  And for some reason (the Grandma-must-spoil gene) my Mom offered to buy them each a toy.  Fast forward an HOUR and we are just leaving the toy isle with a cart filled with 10 toys.  8 of which promptly fell apart as soon as they hit the pool water.  The little toys in the picture were added to the toy pile as we were leaving the store.  They are 50 cents a piece from a gumball machine.  Oh the grandparents and the spoiling!  Ara is lucky enough to have all four of her Grandparents close by and even a new Grandma joining the family this year. 

Swimming was really nice, I LOVE being in the water and I have a fish for a kid so we will happily splash around for hours in the sun.  I always slather Ara with SPF 1000+ sunscreen and then I always ignore myself. 

I mean, I’m brown and I grew up here in this blazing sun. 

I have proof!  I have a decrepit photo album full of little me in underwear on the swing set with the sprinklers on.  I misspelled 4 words in that last sentence, thanks spell check.

I never burn. 

Except that I do now! 

I came home and changed without noticing anything.  Then suddenly, I had an itch on my shoulder.  I scratched it, then yelped in pain.  My shoulders burned!  What the heck?  Who changed the rules on me?  I guess my red skin will serve as a reminder to myself that I should do what I know is the right thing and sunscreen myself as well!  Is this another sign of getting old?  Is the sun more potent now?  Or am I just so un-tan that I had it coming? 



Silly Wednesday Lunch “Reach for the Stars!”

Clockwise from left to right.  Peach slices with apple star.  Pb + honey on wheat cut into stars.  Wheat bread, Pb, cheese stars.  Carrot stars/flowers with ranch. 

These silly lunches have been going over like gangbusters!  I always worry about Joey because he never seems to eat anything substantial but he gobbled this whole lunch down and asked for seconds.  Ara loves them too, but the poor thing always likes my food.  Classic case of not knowing any better.

I took Joe and Ara to the movies today.  Just one of the many summer time activities I have planned and one of the better ones for a few reasons.  1)Air-conditioning 2)No kids competing to talk to me 3)No kids arguing 4)Affordable.  We will be going back often!  We saw Hannah Montana which was classic Disney-cute.  Ara surprised me and sat through the whole movie.  Half way through she asked to sit on my lap and I got to hug on her for an hour.  I told A about it on MSN and he said “lucky!”.  And I am.  I am.


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