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Last weekend we had A’s Mom over for a BBQ.  Steak, mashed potato’s, home made grilled salsa.  As usual we forgot something and A had to make a quick store run.  He returned with this tiny pool that fits our tiny grass area perfectly.  Ara loves her “Daddy pool”!



The newest edition to our family.  We went to visit baby Bella and she slept the whole time!



Sheppard’s Pie with a cheese hippo and polka dots.  This lunch included cantaloupe and watermelon balls. 



Joey in his Wii trance at the birdy house.



I have always wanted a piano!  We had so much fun playing and singing on our birdy house field trip.  I even spent some time alone on it tonight when I went over there alone.  I grew up with a piano in the house and my Mom taught me to play before I could read.



Wings!  A’s favorite place to eat.  We used to frequent this place twice a week.  We have seriously cut back on eating out so now it’s a special treat.


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