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Wednesday was play date day and boy, was it a fun one! 

pink In the morning we did the grocery shopping and had lunch at home.  Then we raced waaaaay across town to a gymnastics gym to meet our friends.  The drive was longer than I had anticipated but we eventually arrived.  It was free time at the gym (after a registration and per day fee) they set the kids loose in the warehouse.  The floor was springy and there were balance beams, uneven bars, trampolines’, a rope to swing like a monkey, and a giant foam pit!  It was so fun, I would pay to “work out” in this place if they had an adult time!  Ara was in her element.  She went full steam and tried out every thing!  The pit was amazing because you could just launch yourself in, in anyway that seemed fun to you.  I wanted so badly to jump in!  Instead I sat on the edge and fished Ara out jump after jump.


Since we paid the registration for the year, I am planning to go back, often.  This is the stuff Ara loves to do, she was made for gymnastics!  No plans to enroll her in private lessons with a coach though, this is just for fun!

After the gym we took the kids to a public pool where Ara surprised me by swimming life-vest-free.  She can stand in the 3 foot shallow end!  Oh my baby is growing up!  She is as tall as the average 5 year old and just as brave.  I’m glad to see her swimming like a fish, being comfortable in the water is part of my family tradition. 


lunchLunch on Thursday was festive and fun!  Ara stood next to me taste testing and smelling each ingredient as I made this one.  The Babel cheese circle is supposed to have an “A” carved into the wax but as you can see it looks more like a strange triangle.  The “flowers” are made of orange slices, raspberries, and fresh mint picked from our garden.  The wraps are cream cheese and pastrami with green onions on top.   Ara kept asking me if Joey would eat this too and she seemed really pleased that I made this one JUST for her.  When lunch time rolled around she ate the whole darn thing. Even the wraps!  This one was a hit and it makes me happy.


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