Mooo-nday Lunches



If this were a bento it would fail.

Luckily, I am happy making silly lunches that the kids will eat.  Without worrying about rice to pickled vegetable ratios. For Monday’s silly lunches I making cordoginsmade my specialty cord dog muffins “corndogins”.  I can’t really claim the fame for the recipe, I believe I have seen something similar in the frozen grocery section (corn dogs duh).  Ara went through a phase when she was younger where she LOVED corn bread.  This little concoction sprung from that.  Plus it’s way cheaper than a frozen corndog and it’s a smidge healthier.  Oh, and the hotdogs are by–product/filler free, because.. gross.  To make these tasty little babies all you need is corn bread batter, cut up hot dogs, and a little bit of moxy my friends.  I usually slice the hotdogs larger and stick them in after I’ve filled the muffin pan.  This time I chopped them tiny and mixed them into the batter first.  containmentI wanted the corn bread to hot dog ratio to be more even and I think I’ve achieved it.  Of course, I don’t eat the carb-o-licious foods so I can’t taste test!  

Also included in the Moo-licious lunch is a raspberry/orange slice flower, sweet summer strawberry, laughing cow soft cheese square, and 2 bran muffins that the kids think are chocolate.  I packed it all into the new little containers I found in Target’s dollar section and ta-da!  Super silly Moo-nday lunches. 

I was excited to find these containers because I have been looking at real bento boxes for kids with my finger hovering over the “add to cart” button.  They have super cute designs and it’s so tempting to buy (online) but I keep thinking about all the regular containers I have and how they are perfectly fine.  Just devoid of any Hello Kitty decorations.  Waste not and all that.  So this is my compromise!  At a dollar a box, you can’t really work up a good guilt trip and the kids LOVE them.  Thanks Target!

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