Boy, are we good at breaking cars…

 DSC05189My car search is finally over and my father-in-law drove home happy in his new (used) Accord.  I’m so relieved that it all worked out and that everyone is happy!  It’s been a crazy week getting him into this car.  Buying a used car is more stress and leg work than I would have ever thought.  He ended up getting a 2003 silver Accord EX/V6.  It’s fully loaded with black leather, CD changer, PW everything, heated seats, curtain air bags, and whatever else matters to the price but I can’t think of at the moment.  It only had 50k miles on it, and the dealer signed off on the inspection so I feel confident it will be a good car for him for years to come. 


Later that day…


DSC05198 After driving around all week and especially all yesterday.. our Honda refused to start after being gassed up.  So we sat around at a gas station waiting for a tow truck for 2.5 hours!  Ara kept having false-alarm-poo-urges so we got familiar with the gas station bathroom (yuk).  The 3 people who stopped by the car to offer their opinions agreed that it was probably the started/alternator/battery.  The battery can probably be ruled out since the car had power and since jumping it didn’t work.  So I guess the other stuffs.. or not since who knows what those guys know?  My Dad is coming to look at it today and A had to take a cab to work this morning.  Personally, I think we need to get rid of the purple car (our old car), because it’s just sitting there cursing any car that dares to take it’s place!  My Mom and her boyfriend came to take us home for the bazillionth time and we are eternally grateful!


And on to food….



The latest quazi-bento. 

This one has five cheese stuffed tortellini noodles with Alfredo sauce, oranges, strawberries, and an apple star.  I wasn’t happy with how this one came out looking. I also didn’t include any vegetables.  Ara loved it though and that’s what really matters after all!



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