She’s 3, going on 16 with attitude!


Ara’s lunch for the YMCA tomorrow.

Ara + Mama sandwich’s lying on a bed of apple + orange slices, and baby carrots, cow cheese, wheat crackers, graham crackers.


Ara is a shoeholic!  She also wants this pink cowboy hat because it looks like Miley, her new hero.  After shoe shopping we had a play date that started with McD’s lunch and play place, then moved over to the tumbling gym.  Ara is in a phase lately that causes her to constantly test my patience and my patience is getting tired!  She is out right ignoring me and talking back.  Usually, she tries so hard to do the right thing so this has thrown me a curve ball. 


“Ara, we are leaving put your shoes back on please.”

“Mama, YOU put your shoes on!”

I can feel I am wearing thin, I am losing patience.  So I decided it was time to do something.  I reactivated my YMCA membership!  Ara was so pleased, and she was good as gold the whole time we were there.  Maybe this was all she needed, a change of scenery and a chance to play with other kids.  I have her lunch all packed for tomorrow and I am looking forward to working out again.

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