The force is strong with this one…


And.. we’re back to the YMCA! 

A dropped us off at the Y before going to work, it adds about 10 minutes to his drive so I will have to start packing things ahead of time so we don’t make him late.  Ara was excited to join the kids again and she rushed ahead of me to the child watch room.  I was surprised to see that the helpers remembered Ara’s name and they seemed genuinely glad to see her again.  I stayed in the room for 5 minutes to help her get settled and when I left, she followed me to the door looking sad but she let me go without tears.  After a few set backs (I can’t recall the combination to my lock, and couldn’t locate my iPod or my sweat headband thing) I was back on my old friend, the elliptical.  Since I didn’t bring my iPod I plopped my Half Blood Prince book on the stand and delved into the world of Harry Potter.  It was glorious.  Time to read, yay!  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the resistance circuit, and a 30 minute shower!  The shower was the best part… 

DSC05448 I am all packed for tomorrow.  Three cute lunches and one baggie lunch (A doesn’t care for food art).  The picture above is a kid lunch.  It has a cheese wedge, wheat crackers, a quesadilla (hidden under the crackers, wheat tortilla, fresh queso cheese), baby carrots (I know I’m getting monotonous with the veggies, I bought some edamame though), black berries, and cherries.  Included will be apple juice boxes (let’s hope no one scrapes their corneas with the straws!).


This is the mommy lunch.  I have trouble sticking to low carb when I work out.  I blame Eegees!  The problem is that I never feel like eating in the morning and when I’m finished working out, I’m starving.  So, I have a baggie filled with my favorite nuts and this delicious cheese and berry lunch(and 3 crackers but don’t tell anyone, at least they’re whole wheat).

After the Y, Ara and I walked to the bus stop and rode home.  The bus ride is pretty painless, it’s a straight shot, no transfers.  I did become very aware that my gym bag is in need of a lightening though.  Since I stopped going to the gym it became the swimming/long trip bag and it is filled with many random (and heavy) things! 

The weather was amazing.  Yesterday it was 105 outside, today it was cloudy with sprinkles and a lovely breeze! 

We were home for about an hour, then we walked over to one of my favorite restaurants to meet A for lunch!  We have decided that July will be “eat-out-free” so we can put aside some money for the furlough his work is requiring in November.  In preparation for that we have been eating out a lot this week (counter productive, we know).  We have had all of my favorite places.  I have really enjoyed being able to sit down with the A and Ara and relax without dinner dishes looming over my head.  If only we could eat bento style for dinner!  I love eating the fresh (non-cooked) foods! 

On Saturday, Em has agreed to watch Ara while A and I have a date-day.  I am really looking forward to some time alone with A.  We want to make date night/day a regular occurrence to bring some balance to the force!  Of course it will all depend on how often we can impose on my family to watch Ara since we don’t use babysitters. 

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