Arrest that Beetle!


<~ This is what Joey and Ara will see when they open their lunches at the YMCA tomorrow!  Or.. a version of this after it’s taken a ride in my bag.  I hid another 1/4 quesadilla (wheat tortilla, fresh whole milk queso) under the Babel cheese and gold fish cracker.  Berry-wise there are blackberry, strawberry, and cherry.  There are green edamame marching in a row and a laughing cow square to top it off. 

Back to the elliptical tomorrow, my feet are ready and my soreness is gone!  The goal this week is 45 minutes elliptical and strength (MWF).

three  mommy  Berry good lunches!


The Mommy lunch ~>
See the laughing cow cheese wedge?  So very yum!  Three crackers, berries, edamame, and cheese square.  Pretty much the same as the kids but bigger.  For breakfast I’ve been eating berries and nuts.  I used to swear by cereal but this seems to be working fine and it’s portable for those late mornings! 




Click “more” to see crazy bug!  I didn’t want his pic near the food on my front page!


My gigantic surprise visitor.

I was only brave enough to move in for a picture when he was upside down and helplessly flailing around.  This is a palo verde beetle, I added the nickel for scale.  The funny thing is that in my mind he was HUGE!  Still, I dare any of you to look down at what tickled your leg and not jump up screaming when you see this fellow!  Last summer I actually stepped on one with my bare feet.  That was the absolute last time I ever used the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning on the light.  I left this poor guy trapped under a trash can in the kitchen all night so that I could show him to Ara the next day.  He was just as feisty after his confinement.  We did let him go his merry way (after I tried to get him in our tiny bug cage with a shovel and failed).  May he live long and prosper… very far away from us!

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