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A helper at the YMCA complimented me on Ara’s lunch and then asked if I was some sort of food designer!  On the one hand I am flattered… on the other, what’s a food designer?  Is that what I am?  I didn’t quite no how to answer, I stammered something about admiring Japanese bento style cold lunches.  I could see she expected a more interesting answer. 

No, I don’t just have too much time on my hands! 

I usually make the lunches right after Ara is in bed.  It’s relaxing and fun.  Plus it makes my days so much easier when I don’t have to think about what to make for lunch.  On top of that, we are eating healthier lunches!  An awesome by-product of packing colorful food arrangements is that the food is much better for you.  Take a look at your average lunch.  Unless you eat a salad everyday chances are it’s  fairly monochrome.  Chips and a sandwich?  Burger and fries? 

Forget the frankenfood and go quazi-bento!  Yay!

Oh, as a side note… I exceeded my workout goal today.  My favorite elliptical was taken so I hopped on another that automatically set me on a 60 minute program.  It was taunting me.  “You USED to do an hour, what happened to you?”.  I couldn’t let it win, so I stayed on past my goal of 45 minutes just to spite the machine!  I just kept repeating my little mantra, “I can endure anything for 15 minutes!”.  It’s overly dramatic  but it works!  After that I ran through the strength workout and then savored an extra long, hot shower before picking the kids up (I had joey today). 

Joey was kind of hilarious on the bus ride home.

“(gasp) Did you tell the bus driver where we need to go?!”

“Can buses turn, or do they always go straight?”

“Have we been on this bus for 14 hours already?”

I told Em that her kid thought the bus was some kind of chauffer deal.  He is too high falutin to be riding the city bus!  Haha fun stuff.

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