Awie Mail

mail from a 3 year old

Ara watched a Sesame Street podcast about mail.  Now she is always making me “mail”.  I love the little guy she drew!  Also, if you’re wondering that is a (heart) ‘i’ ‘A’ (flower).  It means “I love mama”.  I’m not sure what that has to do with the little character.. maybe that is me?  I love it!

This week I am trying to get packing done ahead of time for Friday.  Ara and I are going to the mountains in northern Arizona to attend church camp.  I usually put off packing until the night before so I am TRYING to be more organized and less stressed.  I’m looking forward to taking Ara to camp.  I used to attend when I was a kid and I want her to have that experience.  I remember thinking the trees smelled like ice cream flavors and liking how the dirt was soft.  I made great friends and wonderful memories.  I hope it will be the same for Ara.



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