Let’s Talk Cake


So, if you’ve talked to me recently you have probably heard more than you ever wanted to know about cake.  I have a cakesession.  This is my latest catastrophe cake, made for my little Sister’s 26th birthday.  Em is a member of the “put pink on my cake and die” association so I played it safe, using only her favorite color, purple.  Or at least that’s what I thought I was doing.  The color in fondant seems to dull or lighten as it dries and becomes room temperature (or in this case summer in AZ with humidity-and-swamp-cooler temperature).  My purple became sort of a charcoal blueish color.  I tried impressing stars into the ivory fondant, the result was not quite what I had envisioned.  It just made the fondant look lumpy.  One of these days I will buy an impression mat…  I free hand cut the ‘E’ as I did with Ara’s cake, once again my lack of actual cake tools forces some creativity!  Although I didn’t think that turned out to badly.  The white balls were supposed to be whimsical and fun but after they were done I kept thinking of pimples on a cake!

The cake is plain vanilla with vanilla butter cream… it was supposed to be chocolate but..

Quick baking bloopers story:

DSC06884I was filling 3 different sized pans with chocolate cake batter and thinking to myself, “I am getting really fast at this!”  Since I was short on time but still wanted the look of double layers I gave each pan a tad more batter than is recommended.  And by “a tad” I mean I pretty much topped each one off.  After about 15 minutes in the oven the kitchen filled with the unmistakable smells of burning chocolate and black smoke.  The cake was bubbling over the sides of the pans and burning on the bottom of the oven.  Unsure of how to proceed, I turned off the heat and tried to take one pan out.  I burned my hand doing this of course.  Finally I decided to catch the still bubbling batter on a piece of foil and to let the smoke out through the window.  This is not a situation a master caker would find themselves in!  After things cooled down, I cleaned the oven and pans and started over with vanilla.  I had a student coming and the house smelled gross.  Before she came I went to close the door to my room and shoved my toe under the door so hard I think I broke it (still hurts when I move it).  All of my actions on this day were so obviously logical…  When A got home I told him about my horrific day and he took us out to one of my favorite places, Olive Garden!  When my steaming chicken parmesan arrived I felt the stress of the day melting away.  I picked up my condensation covered glass of refreshing iced tea… and dropped it into my plate.  What a fitting end to a disastrous day!


And that is how Em’s 3 tiered chocolate cake ended up a one layer vanilla affair!

A quick update on how Ara’s birthday cake went:


1) Covered in fondant, yay it looks decent!


2) Calling it done and going to sleep even though I don’t like the lettering and the lack of a 3rd color bugs me.


3)  Thought about it all night, got up early, added pink, and changed the lettering!


4)  Ara loved it, and she ate her letters!

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