My Date; lunch and play

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In-n-out lunch before swimming play date.

(note the location of the hamburger and the single bite take out of it)


The birds enjoying Ara’s hamburger.


Ara thinks the birds are SO silly for eating her hamburger.


I always leave my camera in the car when we go to the public pool but I really wish I could share a photo of the pool.  Hang on, let me google it!  Well, either google failed me or I failed at google?  I’ll take a picture next time, it’s a pretty awesome pool.  You will see… hopefully! 

We met a new mom and her 4.5 year old daughter along with our regular play-daters Kathleen and Michelle.  The girls pretty much played separately with their Mom’s in tow.  Ara was really stand of-ish with the new girl (also named Michelle).  She acted mad whenever the girl was near and even blocked her way a few times as she tried to climb out of the pool.  I think it was shyness coupled with possible jealousy… not really sure.  We were tossed out of the pool after an hour because there was a lightning warning.  While I gathered our things someone held a door open for Ara that leads to the locker rooms.  She waltzed on in without me and then followed another woman with a similarly colored swimming suit.  When she realized she couldn’t see me she flipped out.  I was just running through the doors when I heard her start screaming.  Everyone gathered around her trying to help and freaked her out more.  She ran into my arms and sobbed.  All was fine when I produced some “daddy popcorn” out of my bag! 

I’m running out of blogging steam… I’ll skip now to bento;

DSC07004 DSC06997

The oranges look bad and the peanut butter wraps don’t look as yummy as they taste.  But there you have it, lunch for tomorrow!

And, I’m done.  Goodnight internet!

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  1. Nope, just a peanut butter burrito (we were out of jelly). Sometimes I drizzle honey but that usually ends up messy!

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