Additive Free Foods

DSC09460 Please don’t feed the monkeys additives!

We are embarking on a journey to cut artificial preservatives and colors out of our little girl’s life.

If your reaction to this is to roll your eyes and label me one of those Moms, check out these links.


NY Times: Some Food Additives Raise Hyperactivity, Study Finds
FDA urged to ban artificial colors linked to hyperactivity

This is my “CAN eat” list for when I’m out of ideas and need a little boost.  If it seems full of convenience foods that’s because this list is for when things get hectic and I am tempted to reach for a less healthy alternative.  I will add foods as I find them! 

Annie’s Bunny Grahams: All natural graham snacks
Mini Pita Pockets by Trader Joe’s
Organic fruit
Yogurt Pretzels by Trader Joe’s
Tyson frozen chicken breast
SunSpire Chocolate Candy
Natural Cheetos (an Ara fav)
YummyEarth Organic Candy
Kid Cliff Organic Zbar



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