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Christmas Music for Flute and Guitar

Well, I killed my hard drive and that hasn’t helped my blogging backlog. I lost every single picture and video and audiobook for the last several months. Pictures of Christmas! It’s too sad, I can’t dwell on it.

Anyway, until I get everything back to speed I thought I would post a little about the new Christmas CD I played on!

It’s another collection of pieces to go with Alan Alexander’s flute and guitar books. This time we recorded each track independently so that the left and right channels can be turned down for practicing purposes. I know it’s not Christmas time anymore and if you’re like me you die inside for every post season verse of Jingle Bells that you hear, but I promise this music is real music and won’t make you die! I personally think it’s beautiful, but you can listen for yourself!

Music of Spain & South America by Allan Alexander


This book is amazing!  I’m always looking for music that I love to play, it motivates me to get that flute out.  And once you have your flute out, you might as well do the rest of your practice regime, right?  Right!


You can click on the sound click link to hear 9 tracks from the CD that accompanies the book.


If you have questions or comments you can leave a voicemail at my Google Voice

(520) 505-1334

Or just leave a comment here!

In Your Face, Air Freshener!


I’m listening to the first 2 tracks of my recording with Allan Alexander right now!  I’ve mentioned this project before but I’ll repeat since I can’t remember what I said and I’m far to lazy to comb my old posts.  Allan is publishing 3 new books for flute and guitar, that come with a CD of all the pieces.  He needed a flute player, magically got my name, emailed me, the rest is almost history.  This project has been so great for me, we work well together and every week he gives me new books, sheet music, and CD’s.  It’s really my dream come true!  I love the music, playing, and I even love trying to come up with my own pieces!  I’ve been practicing and composing every chance I get.  I was so close to becoming a former flute player before this happened, it’s really such a change for me!  I can’t wait to share some when it’s all finished.  I think the recording is beautiful, but I’m pretty biased.  I hope everyone who hears this CD will be as inspired to play as I feel. 

The picture is an ultimate close up of the beautiful Easter Lilly that Alex surprised me with last week.  What a sweet man!  I’ve never actually had a flower like this and I’m so in love with the smell!  I put it on the steps by the front door so that I get a whiff every time I walk by.  Who needs chemical air fresheners when a plant can smell so good AND filter your air for you?  I’m just say’in… go green!

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