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Dismembered (carrot) fingers for lunch (with apple fingernails)? No? How about Dracula teeth? Boo!


Teeny tiny sandwich squares with PB+J, watermelon, strawberry, checker apple, gold fish, carrots.

Strawberries and pineapples!


Popcorn and TJ jellybeans, who put that in there? Sandwich, watermelon, pickle, carrots.


Chocolate cupcake. Mmmmmmm. She hated that Smile with tongue out

First Day Photo and a Week of Bento


Since I forgot my camera on the first day of school I took a picture of her after I picked her up. Evidence of a good day; one pigtail has come loose, hair is plastered with sweat to her forehead, a little lunch on her shirt, and a smile on her face.

Bento season has begun! We started off with peanut butter rolls, cow cheese, cutie orange, cat cookies, edamame, and apple sauce (no sugar).

Then, she asked for a sushi lunch! So I rolled some vegetarian California rolls with a piggie of soy sauce, apple sauce, cutie orange, cat cookies, and cucumber slices. I left out the fish because I was a little wary of it keeping temp until lunch.

Trader Joe’s sold us on these seafood croquettes with a sample in the store. So we have seafood croquettes with mango chutney (in the little box), cutie orange, edamame, and a fortune cookie.


For this lunch I used a left over chicken strip and added orange chicken sauce (Ara’s all time favorite), then the usual orange, cat cookies, edamame, and apple sauce.


Pesto tortellini with white sauce, edamame, cat cookies, orange, and chicken breast (from a cooked rotisserie chicken).


When I run out of ideas/food I can always depend on rice. This is a blend of brown Jasmine rice and quinoa with edamame and corn thrown in. A TJ’s fruit crusher (Which came back uneaten), more seafood croquettes with mango chutney, and cat cookies (for people)!

Puppy Love Bento


I made this bento for Ara during her last week of school in honor of the dog we helped my Father-in-law adopt. This puppy sandwich is peanut butter on ww bread with cheese, nuts, and nori facial features. His bed was supposed to sort of be dirt, I guess, ha! It’s actually mustard pretzel bits.


Also in this lunch; strawberries, assorted nuts, and roasted seaweed. Arf!


We call new doggie ‘soft face’ and she’s just as sweet as she can be! She had been at animal control for a while, passed over time and time again, but we’re glad for our sake that she was still there! We can’t wait to get out there to see her again. She is loving her new home and family.


I should probably mention this little guy too, because he caused us some heart ache! Ara and I have been going to the pet store often to look at fish for the new tank. While we’re there we almost always HAVE to walk around to admire the other animals. That’s where we ran into trouble… in the form of a wonderful animal rescue organization.

IMG_2544We stopped to admire a little Chihuahua puppy named PeeWee. He and Ara bonded and the volunteer’s had all but talked me into adopting a $200 9wk old puppy! Of course when I talked it through with Alex I realized the realities of the situation. We may want a dog in the future but when we have a secure yard. And we will probably want one a little larger and older. Taking on a tiny puppy is more than our 6 year old is ready for. It was a hard hard thing to do! Ara asked to go back one more time, she held him in her lap for close to an hour. Then she tearfully kissed his head and whispered that she loved him. She walked away like such a mature lady. I was so proud. That was a difficult thing to understand and truthfully she may not totally understand our reasons but she respected the decision. Proving that she is close to understanding that responsibility, ironically. Someday she will have her own soft face to love her! For now, she is ecstatic about having her own fish!


Some Picture Fun

“Make a wish, Mama!”


A pretty moth hanging on our porch light, upside-down.

As long as she has a book, she’s happy.

Another happy bento lunch. Jason’s Deli ginger muffins, ww bagel, carrots, grapes, Yogurt, and fortune cookies from Panda.

Picking a book at a local used bookstore, Bookman’s.

Japanese fried rice from TJ’s, mango pieces, strawberries, cucumber, carrots, celery with peanut butter.

Trivia style flash card fun on a Friday night.

There is always room in her bed for ‘friends’. The question is, is there room for her?

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