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Christmas 2014


Another Christmas has come and gone! There were choir concerts, and operas, and our first Nutcracker. We made cookies, and saw friends, and celebrated with family. There were tears, and jealousy, excitement, memories good and bad, and joy. My Ara is a lovely mix of childlike wonder and more mature questions and perspective. For her beauty and silliness she is equal parts challenging and moody. As her mind matures she is looking back at memories with a different perspective; “Mama, why did you do this when Daddy did that?”

ChristmasEve2014  I say all this, not to complain but to record a snapshot of life as it really is, because I’ve lived enough to know that all aspects of life are precious. Our good and bad create the beautifully rich colors that make our lives interesting and delicious! Delicious, because I recently had this very deep thought, while eating frozen yogurt and savoring the tartness mingled with the sweet; Such is life! Hahaha. I love a ridiculous metaphor, don’t you? 

IMG_5045 I haven’t blogged in a long time, and I won’t bother to try to catch up on what I’ve missed. At this very moment, I am nursing a cold in bed, Ara is with her Dad for a few more hours. I made chicken soup and spent yesterday running errands, then had dinner and sat by a fire at my Brother’s house. I’m considering some very big changes, trying to look my fear of change in the face and be bigger than it. Being the head of household comes with a weight to carry on my shoulders. I make the choices for us, without a partner to discuss and share the decision with. I love it. I have a budget and a plan, I have to weigh the risks and benefits. I can see into the future, and I like what I see. This might sound strange to someone who didn’t spend a large chunk of their life being told that the finances were none of their business. This is the rebound from having no control, to total control of my money, time and environment. It’s a late start, but I hope I can be a model for Ara. I want to plant in her the knowledge that she can depend on herself. I see in her such strength, intelligence, creativity and beauty, what I want is for her to see those things too. I want her to know her worth so that she will never lose sight of it, or give the key to that knowledge to someone else.


Christmas is such a beautiful time, I just love it. We decorate and put up lights and make the ordinary seem magical. Then we take it all down and the ordinary seems cleaner and refreshing. We watch the movie classics, then we pack them up and put them away until next year. We spend time thinking about others, what they like, what makes them happy. We give generously and receive joyously. And, although this may make some people uncomfortable, I’ve felt a closer connection to God and his plan for me than I ever have before. And next, comes the New Year and a new age for me. My birthday is January 1st, my standing point in time to access and refocus. In the past I’ve struggled with my birthday tradition of keeping a score of my success and failures. This year, I can see clearly that I am a work in progress, success is irrelevant as long as I never give up.

Glove Creatures


Meet glove bunny.

I’ve been having so much fun with my Grandmothers sewing machine!

I had to look up YouTube videos to figure out how to put the foot down and when it runs out of string I have no idea how to restring it.. but it’s cool! I want to make more things.. like grocery bags and camera bags and scarves!

Our first project was little glove creatures. Which actually end up being more hand sewing than machine but it’s ok because they’re so ugly that it’s sort of cute.



This green cat was a present for Ara’s best friend from school. Alex says it looks more like a dog haha! I did make a navy colored dog but Ara immediately fell in love with it, named it, and placed it lovingly on her bed. So Willameena wasn’t available for the photo shoot. I love that Ara loves the dog, it brings tears to my eyes to see her carry it with her around the house and sleep with it.



I also made a few ‘Ugly Doll’ type dudes. This one is for Joe since he actually asked for an Ugly Doll when we were at the mall. A ‘real’ doll would run you around $20 whereas the home made version is under a dollar and, I think, packs more ugly punch!



This ugly one is a present for Ara, I figured she might wish she had something ugly on Christmas when Joey opens his. In my mind it’s sort of a girl cat doll.. the Hitler style mustache look was unintentional.

I’ve been working on a whole bunch of other hand made presents that I can’t wait to post about. Ara and I are having so much fun doing this and I feel so free having embraced the idea that Christmas doesn’t have to mean an unpaid utility bill or balance on a credit card.

I hope everyone out there is having a relatively stress free holiday season!

Handmade Christmas


In keeping with the theme of giving, Ara and I have been in full swing with crafting. I’ve been sewing away on a borrowed machine and she’s been hard at work with a paint brush. Tomorrow we’ll deliver eight wonderful little ceramic ornaments to her school teachers. Each with a little gift tag cut from a Trader Joe’s bag.


I just love the care that she put into each little figure. I wanted to keep them all, but I’ll have to live with pictures of them.


When I was a kid we painted little ornaments like these every Christmas while listening to my favorite tape of the chipmunks singing Christmas carols.


I have a couple more hand made gifts planned.. one involves glass etching and another involves salsa making and pound cake baking. I also have to fashion a fort kit for an Ara present! Fun times ahead!


Happy Friday!

Our Christmas was Prehistoric!


Straight out of the Cretaceous period!  A Merry Rawr-Ho-Rawr!

Early this morning a sweet little girl crept into her parents bedroom with a grin from ear to ear.  Her Mother, having slightly OD-ed on Nyquil during the night, was groggy and slow.  Luckily, she had thought ahead and had the camera charged and ready to go when the paper ripping frenzy began.  The little girl found that Santa had left her a giant foam T-Rex that could be friends with the robotic red cloth T-Rex her grandpa had given her on Christmas Eve.  Santa also left a LeapFrog Tag Reading System (32 MB), a dino book, and national geographic land animal cards to go with the Tag system.  Her Mother and Father had gifts to add to the growing pile.  The little girl happily played the morning away with her dinosaurs.

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