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Friends and Pets



You don’t put words in people’s mouths, you put *turkey* in people’s mouths!”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a Friend’s quote with this picture.

This handsome bird was in the backyard of Ara’s friend and as I tried to take his picture I missed that murderous look in his eye. So when he attacked my camera lens with his beak I was so surprised I screamed. Then I dissolved into hysterical laughter and looked like a crazy lady. Next time I pick a camera I may re-think getting a read one. So far a horse has tried to eat it and a turkey has attacked it!


Ara’s friends also have goats, who thought my red camera was possibly a delicious treat. I never noticed that goats have such different looking pupils. Very interesting!


It’s not really a party until you jump off of a giant tree stump, is it?


I love watching Ara and her friends play.


What a wonderful time childhood is.


After the party we visited my Sister who is moving to a different house. Their U-Haul was WELL guarded against marauders. That is, IF you could sneak by the vicious guard dog…


My Sister and I decided that if happiness were to take solid shape, it would look like this dog.

We dog-sat Windy while they moved. For three days we got to pet furry happiness! I even took her inside Trader Joe’s. I got a few looks but most people just commented on how adorable she looked in her hoodie sweat shirt. Oh Windy.


On that same day, I took my nephew to put his cat Fuzzy-Fox-Tail to sleep. It was a tough tough thing, but the right thing. Fuzzy had liver disease and was no longer able to keep any food down. He was the son of Lucy, the cat my Sister and I had shared custody of and who also died too young of mysterious liver problems. Alex calls pets little tragedies because we love them so and they can’t live as long as we do. I’ve been seeing Fuzzy in my dreams a lot since that day. I really do believe he’s in a better place. And I hope he sends Lucy my love.


I came home and hugged my Kitty Kuku so tightly and so long that he was forced to give me looks of contempt while purring loudly.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We’re spending it with Alex family this year but I’m hoping I can go to the dog shelter in the morning. Dogs are always thankful!IMG_4804

Gobble gobble!

Bentos and Butts



Another week of Ara’s lunches! This one had homemade tortilla and bean burrito, pumpkin flatbread crackers, orange slices, broccoli, and chocolate pretzels.


Orange chicken, broccoli, strawberries, chocolate pretzels, and a fortune cookie.

IMG_4131Sweet rice, broccoli, strawberries, and coconut almond granola.IMG_4144Chicken sandwich on ww, fruit salad (grapes, pineapple, strawberry, and that green melon that I can never remember), cornbread muffin, and carrots.

IMG_4139Sweet rice, broccoli, sweet rice, fortune cookie, strawberry.

Last week I started dog walking at a local animal shelter. It’s a kill shelter so I’ve been putting off doing this, fearing the emotional toll. I walked 4 great dogs and learned a lot from my walking partner. I went back this last Monday and 2 of the dogs I walked were already dead. Straight from the adoption line to death because they got colds. They were 2 cute little pit bull girls, named Silver and Meadow and though they lived only a short time, they were loved at least by the volunteers. Two weeks in a row now I’ve walked a dog named Simon, which is against the odds of 140+ dogs. And against my better sense I’ve started to become emotionally attached to him. I’ve posted him on facebook but I KNOW people are starting to get tired of my dog posts. Last Monday he had a wound on his face from his kennel mate. They start to break down (emotionally) under the stress and if his wound gets infected he could be gone before I go back. I just had to get this worry off of my chest. I can’t change the fate of the dogs but I can help make their days at the shelter a little better.

On a lighter note my hipjury is getting better! This will be the end of the 3 weeks the doctor told me to take off and I’ve noticed an improvement. So, she was right, it must have been that tendon that was angry. The trainer/teacher at the YMCA noticed that I walk on the outsides of my feet and told me that my problems stem from the wrong shoe. She gave me some stretches to elongate my illiopsis and urged me to focus on building strength. I feel like there is probably wisdom in that, though I MISS zumba Sad smile.

For this week, my schedule is

M-dog walk 2 hours
T-strength class
W- turbo kick
Th-strength class
F-swim or bike
S- get out with Ara

I’m excited for the weather to cool off for bike rides, but here’s the thing; I can’t ride 2 days in a row because the seat is KILLING my butt! Hahaha. I guess it was made for someone with a tiny butt of steel, or maybe someone who has no nerves in the butt region. It makes me think of a friend who rides a recumbent bike and once said that he thought upright bike design went terrible wrong!

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