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Single Barrel Aquaponic Update




A quick update. Despite the extreme heat, the plants in the growbed are impervious to my own forgetfulness with watering. The automatic watering and fertilizing alone is reason enough for me to grow with aquaponics. It seems like the system is finally settling into a nice groove. The plants are showing new growth and the seeds I dropped into the clay pellets are progressing nicely. I’m already seeing true leaves. I still worry that they aren’t getting enough direct sunlight, so we’ll see.


The seedlings are growing taller than I’ve seen before, I guess reaching for the sun.

IMG_2032 This bell pepper plant is an experiment. I pulled it out of soil and cleaned and cleaned and CLEANED the roots, for fear of introducing chemicals from the soil into my system. The plant itself is doing great, the problem is that it falls over all the time! The roots can’t seem to get a hold of the clay yet. I have it propped up with some wood planks, hoping it will eventually be able to stand up by itself.




Last week Alex met me for lunch and in his arms he carried this beautiful lily! It’s so pretty and everyone who comes over comments on the wonderful smell. A living plant is so much better than cut flowers, it keeps the air clean and fragrant! I love you Alex!

Green Things!



How does our garden grow? Not bad so far!

We picked up another bunch of seeds through our city’s seed bank! I found out about it on the library website and it’s such a neat idea. We ‘borrowed’ as many seeds as we wanted to plant and at the end of our harvest we will collect and return seeds of our own to the bank. I’ve also found that the community food bank offers home garden assistance. First time gardeners can pick up free organic compost, seedlings, seeds, and even advice from experienced gardeners. I’d like to also visit our community garden to get pointers on what to grow and how to set up our outside garden. It’s pretty neat to find so much community support for home gardens!

Waste Free Lunches




Cherries, broccoli, cucumber, ranch cup, cantaloupe. grapes, apple sauce, small crackers, PB&J pin wheels, and goldfish. I’m struggling to fill some of these side cups! This seems like a lot of food. I wonder what I could do if I decide not to fill a cup? Maybe put a surprise sticker or note in an empty container? I’ll think about it.

I’m really starting to love the Laptop Box. It’s certainly big enough to hold all the food she needs and more. I like the separate compartments, it speeds up the packing process to not have to build food barriers although you can see I did that a little in this one (the cucumber separates the broccoli and cantaloupe, the silicone cup keeps the crackers orderly). I like the carrying case with it’s zipper and peace of mind that it won’t fly open even though she bounces around like a bunny. I like the water bottle. And I like that I don’t need to use a single piece of plastic wrap or Ziploc bag. I tuck a square of material cut from a too small shirt into the zipper pouch and she even has a reusable napkin. Alex sometimes pokes fun at how much importance I place on these little things (though he really tries to be green just for Ara and I) but every little bit counts, right? It may not be saving the world but at least it’s something in a positive direction! Alex’s Mom works at an elementary school and she talks about how the kids are served a lunch of pizza, chips, milk, and an apple. Then after lunch the trash is FILLED with uneaten apples and unopened milk. Plus tons of disposable trays, utensils, napkins, and drink containers. When you think about that all that trash and wasted food/resources is going to go sit and rot in a landfill, it’s disturbing.

We’re also (usually) lunatarians, cutting down our meat eating to one meal a day and sometimes none at all. I think we can all do something to help out the earth, just by trying to be aware of our wasteful habits. Finding a better way one disposable product at a time.

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