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Dismembered (carrot) fingers for lunch (with apple fingernails)? No? How about Dracula teeth? Boo!


Teeny tiny sandwich squares with PB+J, watermelon, strawberry, checker apple, gold fish, carrots.

Strawberries and pineapples!


Popcorn and TJ jellybeans, who put that in there? Sandwich, watermelon, pickle, carrots.


Chocolate cupcake. Mmmmmmm. She hated that Smile with tongue out

2011 Pumpkin Throw-down


I hope everyone is having a spooky weekend! As for me, I’m still recovering from the gallbladder removal (a.k.a. loser organ) surgery, but I’m doing well. Before the surgery we had our annual carving throw down with the shoe fairies.

All the contestants really brought their A games this year, let me tell you.


Our youngest competitor surprised everyone by actually carving her pattern out this year. Her mistake was choosing a hand drawn T-Rex from an unreliable source (me). Ara showed great potential and we’ll be watching this bright carving star in the future!



This entry (mine) was another hand drawn (from a google search) bid for the crown. There was talk from the other competitors about trying to sway the judge by using her favorite subject matter, but in the end those shady tactics did not prevail. This Stegosaurus, with it’s weird marble spheres was at least an interesting addition to the pumpkin line up, if not a recognizable one.


Kuku, the cat pumpkin was a favorite of neighbors and onlookers as it had a fierce look that caught the eye. Runner up contestant, Alison was secretive and wore her poker face throughout the carving period only to unveil her customized creation at the last second. Using the element of surprise she wowed her fellow carvers and won the heart of the wary Kuku, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to sway the judge (or to convince Kuku to let her pet him).


And finally, the pumpkin you’ve all been waiting for… the winner (shady deals with the judge were suspected though never confirmed). Charles swoops in with the win 3 years running with this “Dinosaur Pirate Ship” pumpkin. It glowed with a fiery confidence that would make the bravest person shiver. The Dinosaur Pirate Ship sailed to the top of the competition and won for Charles the throw down’s highest honor; a chance to sit on a purple ball in a purple room and build block towers with a 6 year old!

Honorable Mentions (the freehand division):

The back of the Stegosaurus.


The back of the Dinosaur Pirate Ship.


Thanks to all who competed, and remember in Ara’s words “Every one is a winner”.

Special thanks to Alex for the fastest scooping ever seen (on Ara’s pumpkin). And to the fairies for the cool presents! I’ve already taken a bunch of pictures!

2010 throw-down can be seen here.

Hi, from me



Ara is enjoying the M&M Day loot quite a lot!

Which is good because all I can enjoy lately is a good sleep. It’s been 4 days since the surgery and I have yet to eat anything besides grapes and chicken broth. So all day I had dreams of peanut butter sandwich’s, BBQ chicken, and my Dad’s Adobo. I also decided that I can forgive my neighbors for their constant yappy dogs but I cannot forgive the fact that they cook such delicious smelling dinners! I want some food! It’s 6am and I’m only up on a re-medication break (plus I dropped the bottle on the floor and it took all my brain power to device a way to pick it up)(kitchen tongs). I want to post pumpkin pics then I’m back to bed.

A Sock Hop Sweetie


I hope everyone is having a nice Halloween, we certainly did! 

We tool Ara trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood (something we couldn’t do in our last place).  We only went to 5 houses, but she got a LOAD of candy anyway.  I’ve already made a deal with her to trade her regular candy for Trader Joe’s (non-artificial color) candy.  Not that I think one piece would tip the balance of power in the force but just to be consistent.  Plus that means we get an influx of parental snack items… Haha. 

Alex surprised us with a special lunch at El Minuto, an awesome Mexican restaurant.  We stuffed ourselves silly and then he ordered flan!  So we managed to skip eating any Halloween candy tonight because all our corners were already full!  It’s been a couple hours though and I think if I had some leftovers right now.. I could make good use of them…

We had Alison and Charles over for a carving competition or ‘throw-down’.  Charles won again but I think I’m onto his strategy now and I feel confident I will be the champion next year!  My pumpkin this year was.. a disaster!  I chose a fancy albino pumpkin and it had a super tough, kinda stinky skin.  The pumpkin was so thick it defeated many of our time-tested carving tools!  So, I blame my defeat on the the vine that grew that weirdo pumpkin (and not myself for picking it of course).  It was all fun though, and Alison and Charles we great with Ara, who stayed up to judge the competition!  She was still awake at 11pm! 




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