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The cake! 

I was pretty excited to try my hand at fondant icing, I’ve seen it used on the cake shows and it didn’t look any worse than freaking butter cream.  After checking prices at Michael’s I ended up making my own.  The actual process of making the icing is, in my opinion far more difficult than actually decorating with it.  You start by melting marshmallows in the microwave.  Sticky.  Gooey.  Add some Crisco and a ton of powdered sugar.  When it turns from sticky to stiff dough you start to actually believe you are making something other than a giant mess.  Or at least, in addition to making a giant mess.  It took me about an hour per batch of fondant.  I made two batches, and got tired!  I had originally planned to make three, but that would have been too much!  In hind sight I should have split the white batch and colored it pink.  The cake needs more color.  The consistency reminds me of playdoh with a tad more elasticity.  The cake didn’t need to be huge so each tier is only one layer, which made my life a whole heck of a lot easier.  Under the fondant is some tasty home made butter cream in case the people at the party don’t like eating sweet playdoh!  Haha.  A few tips if you are planning to try this for the first time;

1. Sift your sugar.  You will end up with a much smoother texture.

2.  Slather Crisco on anything that will come in contact with melted marshmallows, including your hands.

3.  Use high quality sugar made with sugar cane. 

4.  The quality of marshmallow matters as well.

My biggest complaint about the cake is that the lettering is so awful.  I just plain ran out of steam on that part and I think it takes away from the overall cake.  I will set aside more time for lettering next time.  The other think is the lack of a 3rd color.  That may bother me less tomorrow after I have all the toppers in place.  I will put them in place at the party because of transportation concerns.

It was a lot of fun to make and Ara had a blast playing/eating the icing!

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