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Bentos and Wogging



I just love strawberries. And I like that Ara shares my obsession with smelling them in the store! We’re such weirdos.

This bento had a fruit salad of pineapple, grapes, strawberries. Then baby carrots (the easiest and most popular vegetable around here). The sandwich is chicken, cheese, and the dreaded ranch! Then I threw in a broken fortune cookie.


Soft home made tortilla burrito, cat cookies (TJs), more fruit jumble (pineapple, grapes, watermelon), baby carrots.


Just to go carb-crazy, we sometimes make dessert tortillas on a burrito night. This was one of them! We spread a little butter on a warm tortilla then sprinkle a cinnamon/sugar mix. Ara LOVEs it. I also included watermelon, baby carrots, and a yummy almond granola mix.


Dinner leftovers! Brown rice and broccoli, baked herb potatoes, watermelon, and a big beautiful strawberry. I tried baking chicken in a foil pouch for the first time recently and I liked it. So we’ve been eating a lot of meals that include baked chicken and veggies. So easy and healthy~!


Chicken sandwich, fruit salad (pineapple, grapes, and strawberry), baby carrot, applesauce.

Fun introduced me to the delights of fresh pineapple vs canned and we’ve been going a little pineapple crazy. So we had a bowl of the little triangle treats when Ara decided to eat the entire bowl for her afterschool snack. She came running up to me screaming that her tongue hurt! I almost rushed her to the ER! We learned that some pineapple is ok, LOTS of pineapple makes your tongue really hurt. Still, Ara is not going to eat any for a while. She didn’t even want to let me buy one today at the store!

IMG_1133So I started my wogging (walking-jogging) (finally) on Friday. I was still really sore from the weight training I did on Tuesday and Thursday. I was really pleased with myself, I thought it seemed like just the right amount of hard. I completed my intervals, and right as I heard “cool down” in my headphones two hawks flew down in front of me, killed a smaller bird, then fought over the kill! I was stunned! It was so wildlife. The winner flew his kill up to the tree and proceeded to de-feather it’s lunch. I sat on a bench and took pictures (because of the hawk not the poor dead bird).

The good news is that the wogging felt great, the bad news is that the hipjury is back. Time to go back to the doctor and maybe physical therapy? I’m wondering if maybe a chiropractor would be the answer. Who knows! Either way, the time crunch is on to be on track for December. Work leg, work!

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