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Love Food!

Valentine Bento

I know I never post food anymore, but when the theme is love and I have so much of that in my heart for my girl, how can I not? The pita pizzas were cuter in my head. I cut a cheese heart and then baked them in the toaster oven.  Broccoli (her favorite veggie) with cheese letters and an apple heart. Apple slices. My famous (not really) quinoa salad, minus the obscene amount of jalapenos I usually put in. I freaking love that quinoa salad, especially when eaten like a salsa with some white corn chips! And, last, though you can’t see it, hidden in the silverware part of the box is 2 squares of TJ’s pound plus Belgian milk chocolate. Oh yeah.

One of the 41 valentine cards made for her class. The idea was that she would make them and I would help, but it really worked out that I made 90% of them… I end up having to print so much music for my orchestra that sheet music is our scrap paper, could that be any more adorable in a heart shape? It’s at least better than some mass produced Skull Girls (or whatever that crap is) right?


A slightly sad and mishapen heart shaped banana pancake for breakfast!

I’m really-super-duper-over-the-top-excited to show you the present I had for her this morning, but we had to rush her off to school before I could take a picture of it. It’s ok, it’s so awesome it will get it’s own post. AWESOME. I’ve been dying to give it to her for a couple weeks! Oh man, I love that present.

So aside from the wonderful-ness that is my 8-year old valentine, I am officially grinching up this stupid holiday. Bah Humbug to you and you’re pressure and disappointment and also.. BITE ME! Ok, I need to get on my bike and ride, it’s going to hit 92F here today and I don’t want to be out in that.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day (you didn’t hear that from my, you know my official position)!

Holiday Trader Joe’s



It’s time to say good bye to my favorite holiday TJ products… or is it?
(Hmm who put those pita pockets in there, they are not holiday fare)


Yeah, I went and bought 3 boxes of Candy Cane tea and one box of Vanilla Cinnamon tea to hold me over. I may need to go back. What is it about peppermint flavoring that makes every thing more delicious?


The Candy Cane Joe Joe cookie. Peppermint, WHY?

I never did get the usual TJ advent calendar this year. But I will be hovering for when they drop the prices on all the goodies!

Father’s Day


I may be a little behind the times but I thought I would post a few pictures from Father’s Day!

Ara made this card for Alex all by herself, she worked on it early in the morning before we were awake. It depicts her and her Daddy washing the car (which she loves to do). She’s a sweetie, I guess we’ll keep her!

On the day we met Alex’s sisters at his Dad’s property. Ara and I were so excited to see his new dog again! IMG_2843

“Soft face” as we call her (real name Roc) is doing really well. She LOVES her new home and human. She’s taking her job of watching over her human very seriously.


The day was hotter then heck so we spent very little time outside! However, the steak was good and Alex’s Dad seemed very happy to have his kids there.

Ara loves exploring her Tata’s property and she was dressed for a safari!

Dinner Roll Sandwich


Dinner roll, ham, provolone, and ranch makes for an awesome lunch in Ara’s eyes! I also added baby carrots, a cutie orange, and chocolate covered peanuts (yum).


This winter break has been lots of fun! Alex has been on vacation as well and we are having a grand ol’time staycationing. At the moment my little Daddy-Daughter duo is out for a special breakfast and when they return we will head out for a Mommy-Daughter bike ride. Then later.. who knows? I’m hoping for a nap and a movie!


And maybe I should start taking down Christmas decorations. Our tree would probably appreciate a little more sunshine and water!

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