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A Gentle Giant



I wrote a lot of angry stuff about how Rocky lost his life yesterday.

I vented, I feel a little better, and now I’ve deleted the angry rant.

There are so many more animals that can have happy moments.


"I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter, the cast offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love, hope, fear, dread, sadness and betrayal. I was angry. "God", I said, "Why don’t you do something?" And God replied "I did. I created you."


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Bentos and Butts



Another week of Ara’s lunches! This one had homemade tortilla and bean burrito, pumpkin flatbread crackers, orange slices, broccoli, and chocolate pretzels.


Orange chicken, broccoli, strawberries, chocolate pretzels, and a fortune cookie.

IMG_4131Sweet rice, broccoli, strawberries, and coconut almond granola.IMG_4144Chicken sandwich on ww, fruit salad (grapes, pineapple, strawberry, and that green melon that I can never remember), cornbread muffin, and carrots.

IMG_4139Sweet rice, broccoli, sweet rice, fortune cookie, strawberry.

Last week I started dog walking at a local animal shelter. It’s a kill shelter so I’ve been putting off doing this, fearing the emotional toll. I walked 4 great dogs and learned a lot from my walking partner. I went back this last Monday and 2 of the dogs I walked were already dead. Straight from the adoption line to death because they got colds. They were 2 cute little pit bull girls, named Silver and Meadow and though they lived only a short time, they were loved at least by the volunteers. Two weeks in a row now I’ve walked a dog named Simon, which is against the odds of 140+ dogs. And against my better sense I’ve started to become emotionally attached to him. I’ve posted him on facebook but I KNOW people are starting to get tired of my dog posts. Last Monday he had a wound on his face from his kennel mate. They start to break down (emotionally) under the stress and if his wound gets infected he could be gone before I go back. I just had to get this worry off of my chest. I can’t change the fate of the dogs but I can help make their days at the shelter a little better.

On a lighter note my hipjury is getting better! This will be the end of the 3 weeks the doctor told me to take off and I’ve noticed an improvement. So, she was right, it must have been that tendon that was angry. The trainer/teacher at the YMCA noticed that I walk on the outsides of my feet and told me that my problems stem from the wrong shoe. She gave me some stretches to elongate my illiopsis and urged me to focus on building strength. I feel like there is probably wisdom in that, though I MISS zumba Sad smile.

For this week, my schedule is

M-dog walk 2 hours
T-strength class
W- turbo kick
Th-strength class
F-swim or bike
S- get out with Ara

I’m excited for the weather to cool off for bike rides, but here’s the thing; I can’t ride 2 days in a row because the seat is KILLING my butt! Hahaha. I guess it was made for someone with a tiny butt of steel, or maybe someone who has no nerves in the butt region. It makes me think of a friend who rides a recumbent bike and once said that he thought upright bike design went terrible wrong!

Father’s Day


I may be a little behind the times but I thought I would post a few pictures from Father’s Day!

Ara made this card for Alex all by herself, she worked on it early in the morning before we were awake. It depicts her and her Daddy washing the car (which she loves to do). She’s a sweetie, I guess we’ll keep her!

On the day we met Alex’s sisters at his Dad’s property. Ara and I were so excited to see his new dog again! IMG_2843

“Soft face” as we call her (real name Roc) is doing really well. She LOVES her new home and human. She’s taking her job of watching over her human very seriously.


The day was hotter then heck so we spent very little time outside! However, the steak was good and Alex’s Dad seemed very happy to have his kids there.

Ara loves exploring her Tata’s property and she was dressed for a safari!

Puppy Love Bento


I made this bento for Ara during her last week of school in honor of the dog we helped my Father-in-law adopt. This puppy sandwich is peanut butter on ww bread with cheese, nuts, and nori facial features. His bed was supposed to sort of be dirt, I guess, ha! It’s actually mustard pretzel bits.


Also in this lunch; strawberries, assorted nuts, and roasted seaweed. Arf!


We call new doggie ‘soft face’ and she’s just as sweet as she can be! She had been at animal control for a while, passed over time and time again, but we’re glad for our sake that she was still there! We can’t wait to get out there to see her again. She is loving her new home and family.


I should probably mention this little guy too, because he caused us some heart ache! Ara and I have been going to the pet store often to look at fish for the new tank. While we’re there we almost always HAVE to walk around to admire the other animals. That’s where we ran into trouble… in the form of a wonderful animal rescue organization.

IMG_2544We stopped to admire a little Chihuahua puppy named PeeWee. He and Ara bonded and the volunteer’s had all but talked me into adopting a $200 9wk old puppy! Of course when I talked it through with Alex I realized the realities of the situation. We may want a dog in the future but when we have a secure yard. And we will probably want one a little larger and older. Taking on a tiny puppy is more than our 6 year old is ready for. It was a hard hard thing to do! Ara asked to go back one more time, she held him in her lap for close to an hour. Then she tearfully kissed his head and whispered that she loved him. She walked away like such a mature lady. I was so proud. That was a difficult thing to understand and truthfully she may not totally understand our reasons but she respected the decision. Proving that she is close to understanding that responsibility, ironically. Someday she will have her own soft face to love her! For now, she is ecstatic about having her own fish!


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