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Love Potion

Our Harry Potter inspired Love Potion Smoothie:

1 frozen banana (secret ingredient)
Pineapple frozen
Mango frozen
Cherries frozen (adds the pink color)
Peeled orange (just throw that sucker in whole)
Vanilla almond milk
Coconut extract flavor
Chia seeds

The amounts always vary but the result is always delicious!

You’re welcome.


Frozen Grape Smoothie



There is an art to grocery shopping. It takes skill to buy JUST enough fresh produce.  The right amount so that your family can consume the recommend 7 servings a day while not letting any of it go bad. It’s an art I haven’t mastered yet… So to escape the feeling of crushing guilt over the waste you can do what I do and FREEZE EVERYTHING! Freeze it all, hahahaha!

IMG_4682I’m actually not kidding but the “haha” makes me seem more sane. I’ve mentioned my love of frozen bananas in smoothies before, as a sweetener and for the lovely ice cream texture. My other sweet frozen favorites are watermelon and grapes! Grapes are powerful so I grab a small handful when blending breakfast for Ara and I. Once you have your sweet fruit in there I like to toss in berries or whatever else happens to be frozen. At the moment I have chopped pineapple, cantaloupe, peaches, green and red grapes, and strawberries. It’s a nice way to use up extra fruit and it cuts down on waste. A very good thing!

Fun Fish Shaped Bento


I’m the new/temp poster of bentos on Bentocentral.com and since I’ve been looking through some of the most creative bento photos online I’ve become motivated to do more than pack a functional lunch. For starters I gave the Laptop Lunch box the day off and used the fish shaped box from the Disney store (which broke today boo). On the left I have apple slices, pickles, baby carrots, and rolled up chicken/provolone sandwiches. On the right I have restaurant left over breaded chicken that I added sweet and sour sauce to.

It’s been a WHILE since I tried to take an artistic photo of a bento and you can see I tried some stuff… and well, it’s a head scratcher isn’t it? Oh well, that’s what happens when you wait until 8:05 am to take a picture when you have to be out the door in 10 minutes!


Our first carrot! I think I’ve mentioned that we are new gardeners before, but if you didn’t believe me before, here’s some twisty carrot proof! The tops of the carrots were starting to look impressive and even when we exposed the top of the carrot it looked pretty good sized. So.. I told Ara she could yank one out of the pot! It was an exciting moment, let me tell you! It turns out the carrots could use a little more growing time. Ara took this little carrot guy to school for her show-and-tell anyway. She couldn’t be more proud of her gardening success!


We also picked a mini red bell pepper! He’s cute, isn’t he?


After all that harvesting work (one carrot, one pepper), we whipped up some breakfast. I have been trying alternatives to coconut milk because even though I love it, it actually angers the gallbladder-less digestive system! Sad. Our favorite alternatives are orange juice and almond milk. Almond milk is so healthy and tasty but I was avoiding it in the daily smoothies because I wanted to keep it 100% fruit. The funny thing is that I feel great after an almond milk and fruit smoothie. So.. let’s go with it! On this morning, Ara put our ingredients’ together (our smoothies are like snowflakes!), we had mango, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, frozen banana (so important for texture and sweetness), and a little bit of Trader Joe orange juice. The result was a tropical tasting explosion of flavor! She is quite the smoothie chef!

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