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Just Keep Swimming-swimming-swimming


The last of the Trader Joe’s fish nuggets!  Of course, no additives since it’s TJ’s brand so I can feel ok about using frozen foods!  I threw in a piggie filled with ranch and some orange slices.  Ara actually told me this lunch was ‘good’ :)  She loves ranch so much that when squeezing the pig stops working, she resorts to sucking it out, and when that stops working, she chews on it!  She has ruined 2 already, and yes, these were only like $3 but I paid an additional $7 in shipping from Japan! 

We went swimming again tonight, and mistakenly, I brought along ‘grumpy-Ara’.  Instead of the determined, joyful, funny-kid I have come to expect for these nightly swims I got a grumpy, I-can’t, don’t want ‘em-girl!  Bummer.  Maybe after a good nights rest things will look up for her.

I’m very excited to be looking for air fare to Northern California for next month!  My Grandma has offered to pay to fly Ara and I up there to visit with our family.  It’s so close to Ara’s 5th Birthday I hope we can take her to Marine World to see a real Orca Whale in person!  Maybe even a trip to the beach.  I’m a little nervous about travelling and staying with her for a week as the only parent (since Alex has to work) but I’m sure it will work out.  Just think positive, just think positive, just think positive!

Food and Swimming, that’s summer!


Ara-made (and Mama-burned) mini-pita-pizzas, baby carrots, watermelon, piggy with ranch, and a cute little heart-shaped cherry. 

We’re starting our second week back at the YMCA and I am feeling great about being in the pool in the mornings again!  When I went to pick up Ara from the Y’s kid watch, there were only 2 teen age girls in there watching the kids, and Ara was in full-on-crazy mode.  She was laughing hysterically as she followed a little boy around calling him a ‘cockroach’.  Which he wasn’t too happy about.  I shoo-ed her out the door to the relative calm of the hallway before talking to her about calling people names.  She went back to apologize to him at least.  My Mom has been letting us borrow her little Toyota RAV and I felt so free to go where the wind took us!  We went to the library and found books on wasps (Ara’s newest interest), then we went to a used book store to spend our book credit, then we came home for rest and dinner.  After dinner I took Ara to back to the YMCA for our nightly swim.  She jumped right into the pool ahead of me and took off swimming to the deep end (Olympic sized pool so that was quite a feat).  I follow along in her wake and try to stop from helping her unless she really needs me.  I can’t believe her progress.  2 weeks ago she couldn’t even keep her head above water and now she is treading water, floating, and really swimming.  So proud!  We’ve noticed a big change in her since we started the night time swimming.  She seems happier, she sleeps at night, and she carries herself with a little more confidence.  I know she feels proud of herself, she is so focused and determined in the pool.  I also suspect it has a little to do with the uninterrupted Mama attention she gets in the pool.  Finally a place where I don’t have to constantly remind her of rules, we just swim and have fun together.  Laughing, being silly, feeling free.  I hope we continue to see these positive changes in her!

Dragon Mania


She watched the movie, she is reading the book, she can train anything that breathes fire! 

We’ve been swimming at the YMCA after my water aerobics class and she has no fear!  It’s like she’s been dreaming of swimming all winter because she is swimming better than ever and she hasn’t been in a pool in months!  I’m looking forward to the time we’ll spend in the pool this summer, even if I’m not exactly looking forward to the warm temperatures!

Bento isn’t just for lunch!


Since my blog has been neglected lately I thought would pop in to say hey!  This was just a simple breakfast bento for Ara.  I have been buying the big container of yogurt instead of the individual servings because it’s cheaper.  The down side is that Ara can’t just go grab herself a yogurt if she wakes up before me.  So I packed one side with vanilla yogurt topped with a honey heart and the other side is puff cereal.  She eats it dry so no milk needed.  I would have chopped some strawberries or bananas but we are out!  We ate through our fruit supply pretty fast this week.  Luckily tomorrow is grocery day!

posted on BentoBoxUKAs a side note I was happy to have the opportunity to be a guest author on Bento Box UK this week, thanks Asfora!

If you’re wondering I have been bentoing everyday, I just haven’t felt anything was particularly photo worthy lately. 

I have been feeling great doing the aqua aerobics class 3 times a week and eating a healthy bento everyday.  I needed a break from the running, at least that’s what my shins said in the form of shooting pain with every step!  I’ve even been making friends in my class which is nice because sometimes I feel like such a loner.  There are mostly older ladies because the water makes exercise easier on the joints.  I’m probably the youngest in the class besides the teachers.  I love it though, because you can work as hard as you want to.  Most of the ladies chat through the class and I interject a laugh or comment now and then, trying to keep my heart rate up, of course!  I met a lady who invited me to a Mary Kay consultation.  She wasn’t pushy or anything, I was interested.  I have never been a make-up wearer but sometimes on special occasions I want to put on some foundation and light eye make up.  I even bought a foundation for my Dad’s wedding.  I tried holding it up to my arm in Target before I chose the color but it looks AWFUL on me!  So I needed help and here was a nice lady offering it!  I also wanted a good moisturizer and sun screen since I’m in the pool all the time and the sun is already blazing here.  I invited Megan to the facial and we had a good time trying out all the creams and assorted pampering products.  I chose a moisturizer (with SPF protection, cleanser, and foundation but didn’t buy (mostly because I’m broke).  I asked for the set for Mother’s Day so cross your fingers for me!  I already have the invoice for the amount in my purse, when I told Alex that he looked amused and a little weary haha!  So look out for my new and improved skin in the near future! 

mk Funny story about the facial though; My swim friend’s director gave the Mary Kay presentation.  She seemed like a nice lady, all done up in make-up, bling, blazer, and ‘professional’ hair.  She walked us through each step and product by talking VERY enthusiastically and holding our eye contact.  Her eyebrows we always pulled way up high and the eye contact was INTENSE.  I always feel like I have to reciprocate the up-eyebrow look to show interest.  It feels like it would be rude to lower the brows and break the eye contact but we were there for close to TWO hours and my face was so tired!  Being enthusiastic is exhausting!  The director talked about the company and how she had her pink car within 3 months of selling Mary Kay.  When she said that I thought, ”hey, I need a car”.  Don’t worry, I won’t be trying to push Mary Kay on you, I’ve come to my senses, I know I’m not a sells person!  Instead, I am really putting some effort into bringing in more flute students.  That’s a business I know something about, too bad I can’t reward myself with a new car!


Picture via marykay.com

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