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Immunizations and Organized Spontaneousness


Big girl check-up!  Turning four means you can run faster,  jump higher, wear big girl underwear at night, and it means you are due for 3 more shots.  Ara asked her Daddy so sweetly if he would come with her.  He could not refuse, so he took the morning off of work and we went all together.  We plied her with bribes before and after in a mostly vain attempt to make her associate good things with the doctor.  They want us to come back in a month to get the brand new swine flu shot and the regular flu shot.  I’m not so sure about that..

I actually wrote a whole post on the birthday party last Saturday, but then I closed my program without saving and I am too mad at myself to re-write it so far!  I think I will make a little slide show video instead.  So look for that next week.  DSC06732

Tomorrow, Ara and I are double play dating.  In the morning we are meeting Renee and Cloe at the zoo.  Cloe came to the birthday party and both girls had so much fun.  Ara has been looking forward to seeing her again!  After the zoo, we are going swimming with Kathleen and Michelle!  That’s a lot of fun for one day!  I just hope we don’t get sun stroke or something.  After swimming we race across town to pick up A-man and then cram some quick and easy dinner down.  Then I have a Harry Potter date with Megan.  Woo hoo.  I can’t wait to see it again and discuss it with Megan. I already have my rant about the scene with Bellatrix at the burrow half composed in my head… My one concern is that we managed to leave both Ara’s swimming suits at other houses so she has nothing to swim in tomorrow.  Both suits were getting to be too small so I could justify buying another, but when?  We have zero time to shop tomorrow!  Let’s try wishing for that to work out and see if that is effective… k?  Oh yeah, I need some time management skills!  Friday, I teach and make a birthday cake for Emily (and clean the house because it’s a disaster!).  Saturday, I have been asked to teach a 3 hour master class for a local middle school in the morning.  I have students that day, so I am going to try to reschedule them.  Possibly before the master class at 9am.  I am so not a morning person.  Teaching lessons at 7:30am on a Saturday sounds a little like torture.  After teaching, driving, teaching some more I will pick up the fam and go to my Dad’s for a quick birthday party for Em.  Then (yes there is more) we have a play date at a park with a splash pad.  Renee is putting together a big group for the evening to play in the park.  The problem with tomorrow and Saturday is that I WANT to do all the things I have planned, if only they could spread themselves apart a little.  Life comes when it comes I guess.  It’s time to have some very organized fun!  Line up single file and no talking or superfluous glancing around!

And now for pictures of crazy zoo/swimming day lunches:


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