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Lemmon pepper chicken on a bed of kale


My first attempt at cooking kale, is it supposed to look like this? Kale is so pretty, I hope we become friends!

We Got a Floor Frog


I’m ending my 3rd week of no-sugar but possibly cheating by adding a little maple syrup to my oatmeal this morning… shh!


Maple syrup and cinnamon, just like the packets? No, that was brown sugar. Mmm brown sugar sounds good right now.. I guess I’m still waiting for that sugar craving to magically disappear? Ha!


Speaking of delicious things from TJ’s. My new favorite morning smoothie flavor is frozen banana, almond milk, cocoa powder, and peppermint extract! What! It’s a chocolate peppermint smoothie! I’m crazy in love with the flavor, I think I’ll make extra tomorrow and freeze some for icecream. Ara has asked for a smoothie break. So she’s having cinnamon toast this week.

Fish Update

As a follow up from yesterday, we went to Petsmart (AKA fish deathmart) to exchange the last poor little guppy that Ara bought with her allowance. She chose an African Dwarf frog, which the lady dropped on the floor after netting him! She also got a placo and I got 2 more goldfish. When we got home I had some prep work to do on the tanks so I got to work. When I went to grab the fish in their bags I found that both bags had been punctured by something the cashier had put in the bag! The poor fish had no air and just enough water that they were still alive! Sheesh! I didn’t have time to acclimate them to the water I had to dump them right in. I suspect we might be back at deathmart to return these unfortunate fish soon. They had a rough little journey there. I mean poor little frog tried to commit suicide on the Petsmart floor!

Good night!

Holiday Trader Joe’s



It’s time to say good bye to my favorite holiday TJ products… or is it?
(Hmm who put those pita pockets in there, they are not holiday fare)


Yeah, I went and bought 3 boxes of Candy Cane tea and one box of Vanilla Cinnamon tea to hold me over. I may need to go back. What is it about peppermint flavoring that makes every thing more delicious?


The Candy Cane Joe Joe cookie. Peppermint, WHY?

I never did get the usual TJ advent calendar this year. But I will be hovering for when they drop the prices on all the goodies!

Champagne Vinaigrette


Last night in a fit of manic healthocity I decided to buy a bag of kale instead of my usual baby spinach at TJ’s.  I’d heard it was a wonder veggie, plus I’d hit my salad tolerance and was desperate for a change.  The bag of kale states that it’s actually a vegetable that should be cooked, which I didn’t notice until this afternoon when I was poised to make my salad.  I was a combination of tired/lazy/hungry so I reached in and grabbed the half head of iceburg lettuce that was left over from taco night.  Chop chop chop and BAM I had myself a wedge, which I drizzled in Champagne Vinaigrette, I tossed a few grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflower seeds to complete my new and improved wedge salad.  It wasn’t bad.  I’d bet it’s not nearly as healthy as a spinach salad would have been but it was different and I really needed something different! 

The Vinaigrette was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before it has a light taste and adds a nice flavor.  Very different from my kick-you-in-the-pants apple cider dressing but not in a bad way.  I’m going to reserve judgment until I’ve had a few different salads with it but so far I think it makes a nice change. 

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