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The Lorax


Photo via USAtoday

Ara and I watched the Lorax today in the cheap theatre and I loved it! It’s message is something that has been on my mind.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Since Ara and I have been trying to get involved in animal rescue I’ve been watching the posts about animals that are put to sleep before they ever know that there is a better side to humanity. I also see many of these animals rescued at the last minute by amazing people and organizations, and I kept thinking, “I want to help”! AND then I was approached yesterday in the car by a Mom and a teenage son asking me to buy them a chicken sandwich from Burger King to share. I was struck particularly how the boy looked me in the eyes with bright blue eyes in his dirty and sweaty face (it was about 110F yesterday). There I was in my air conditioned car and I actually hesitated before saying yes.


Photo via PACC

There are so many people and animals that need rescuing. There are so many causes to champion and so many wrongs to right. It’s overwhelming. But that’s what I’ve always said to myself before I turned away from the sink hole of sadness. I’m going to hang in there, and do something to help.


Even if I cry every day looking at the animal websites… I looked up Tucson dogpatch yesterday and Alex had to tell me to stop it! That link is for grown-ups ONLY, I’m not even grown up enough to look at it anymore. I’m glad Ara doesn’t see it from the pessimistic view that I do. She likes to help because it makes her feel good and that’s it. It’s the right thing to do for the environment, for people, for animals and she wants to do it. I’m so glad I had her, so she could teach me how to be a good person!


This is a picture of a local rescue picking up a horse that was abandoned at the dog patch. People actually do this to animals. I wouldn’t dump my worst enemy in the desert in the summer to die, let alone a loyal and beloved pet.


Photo via Angels for Animals Tucson

Kitchen Window Hawk


I may be becoming a bird watcher.  I never saw it happening but then, this guy started showing up in the tree visible from my kitchen window.  I’d be doing dishes, look up, and be struck with awe.  I don’t know much about birds but I’d bet that this is one of the hawks my neighbors all warn me about.  He is legendary here.  The stories go that he has grabbed a cockatiel right off the owners shoulder.  He has even taken a swipe at (and killed) the cockatoo the neighbors across the street took outside on a perch.  Yes, keep your little dogs and cats inside, this guy is a bad ass.  So he has a bad rep, but I find him to be beautiful and awe inspiring.  I have been running outside every time he perches in the tree to take his picture.  I usually miss him though because, either he knows I want to see him or he is off swooping down on some unsuspecting sparrow.  I had to zoom pretty far to get any detail and it was cloudy but this is still by far the best couple of shots I’ve managed to get!  Ara wants to name him Stripey Hawk Tail.

IMG_2792Oh, by the way it snowed in Tucson today.  All over facebook there is photographic proof of white cold stuff on the ground… all we had was rain though.  It’s ok, the hawk makes up for it. 

P.S. I hope this really is a hawk and not some mean looking Pigeon, I would be very disappointed!

I found a picture of one on Flickr that’s a little (like a LOT) better:

Cooper's Hawk

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