Hi, I’m Mindi and I still have not mastered the elevator speech where you can spew what you do in a short sentence. I am a flutist first and foremost. I mostly freelance and perform with a variety of ensembles including the Tucson Repertory Orchestra, my woodwind quintet (CrowdedQuartet), Tucson Duo Project, and other assorted chamber ensembles. I teach on a very limited basis, I am considering dipping my toe into the online lessons world. Playing flute has taken me all over the world and I’ve got some hilarious stories about what my brand of cluelessness looks like when traveling. My second career is music adjacent, I’m a multimedia designer, social media manager, photographer/videographer, and communications/marketing rep for a large university’s school of music. I also freelance in these areas as well. You see why I can’t sum it up on an elevator ride. Let’s be friends!

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